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Tailor Made Trekking Tours

Tailor Made Trekking Tours

The best way to immerse yourself in South American culture is to explore the Andes on foot. Our expert guides would love to accompany you to Machu Picchu on a classic Inca Trail tour, or on the lesser-known Lares or Salkantay treks which can both be hiked in style on the lodge-to-lodge option. Trekkers who really want get off the beaten path should check out the peerless Great Inca Trail and Choquechaca treks – both of which are totally unique to SA Expeditions.

Machu Picchu and Cuzco Treks

Hike to the heart of the Inca empire on an exclusive trek designed to get you face to face with the Andes.

The Great Inca Trail Treks

Sustainable tourism that promotes the responsible use of environmental and cultural resources.

California & National Parks Treks

Pack-assisted treks showcasing the natural beauty of California's coveted National Parks.

How It Works

Choose Your Adventure

Decide where, when and how you want to explore. Then contact us to start planning with a destination expert.

Customize Your Tour

We'll blend your desires with expert, local knowledge to design a seamless, private tour.


Embark on Your Journey

We'll greet you at the airport and be by your side every step of the way, making room for spontaneity as you go.


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