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Our Purpose

Travel That Gives Back

We believe travel has the power to make a positive impact on the world and our goal is to make this happen. By acting responsibly with clear vision and purpose, we seek to benefit everyone and everything impacted by our trips.


The people of North and South America are an integral part of our team. This means that when you purchase a trip with us, you can ensure that you’re directly supporting the livelihoods of the people in our destinations.


Travel can be a positive, powerful force in the protection of ecology and ways of life. By placing economic value on vulnerable environmental and cultural heritage, you can promote conservation while also gaining meaningful experiences.


Our company’s exploration initiatives in South America build critical awareness to promote sustainable tourism development and put economic value on vulnerable natural and cultural heritage.

Conservation of Natural and Cultural Patrimony

We are committed to developing travel opportunities that give meaningful experiences and, at the same time ensue a positive impact on the people and places that we engage with. This effort is epitomized in our exploration along the Great Inca Trail which serves to bring awareness, protection and sustainable development to this vulnerable cultural heritage and the communities along it. The Great Inca Trail is part of the Qhapaq Ñan road network, a UNESCO world heritage site, stretching from Ecuador to Peru and beyond, and yet most are unaware of its existence. By promoting equitable travel practices to the area, we work to alleviate the pressure on more heavily visited sites like Machu Picchu, while also encouraging attention and financial investment to a massive, multi-cultural, multi-national historical monument that's in danger of disappearing. Read more and reach out to understand more and see how you can help using our effort to preserve The Great Inca Trail through exploration.

When you book with us, you can rest assured that the carbon produced by your entire sojourn with SA - from the moment you begin your first excursion to your final departure - will be offset.

Learn More About Our Approach to Being a Purpose-Driven Business

Through first-hand exploration and awareness-building campaigns, we encourage conservation and act as an economic engine positively impacting the communities and environments we visit.


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Committed to protecting the broad interests of all beneficiaries for a more equitable economy.

Tree Planting to Restore Native Habitats in the Andes

We're partnered with EcoAn to restore endangered Polylepus Queñua Forests in the Choquechaca Valley. Explore the region with us and we'll plant a tree on your behalf.