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BREAKING NEWS: After 43 years Chile’s Calbuco erupts

Posted on Thursday April 23, 2015

Calbuco, near the popular Patagonian tourist centres of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas has erupted for the first time since 1972. Calbuco is one of Chile’s largest and most active volcanoes, but scientists have been taken by surprise by the recent eruptions. Alejandro Verges, an emergency director for the region, said Calbuco had not been [&hellip

The Justice Boat: a film about bringing hope to the Amazon

Posted on Monday April 13, 2015

Everyone knows about the Amazon but very little thought is given to its people. Instead we get excited about its incredible plants, animals, fishes and butterflies.  And we get worked up over its importance in the fight against global warming. It’s true. The Amazon is the most biodiverse place on the planet and it is [&hellip

Why you really should include Trujillo on your Peru itinerary

Posted on Saturday March 21, 2015

I will always have fond memories of Trujillo, because I got engaged at a beachside campsite a few miles north of the city. But even without such rose-tinted lenses, Trujillo is still a fantastic destination and it should be a shoe-in on any Peruvian itinerary. It’s got great colonial architecture, incredible pre-Inca ruins and year-round [&hellip

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September Travel Photo and Review of SA Luxury Expeditions

Posted on Sunday September 29, 2013

We’ve had some pretty spectacular travel photos come in this month (you can see many of them on our page of SA Luxury Expeditions reviews). As a team, we’ve enjoyed browsing through them and finally decided to showcase three photos from Anil and Shwetha. This engaged couple (congratulations!) is a pair of resident physicians in [&hellip