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12 Feb, 2024

5 out of 5 stars / Google Reviews

“We had a wonderful trip to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Everything about this trip was amazing! It was our first time visiting South America. At the recommendation of a family member, we put all of our trust in SA Expeditions to handle all of our arrangements. Hayley planned the entire tour, she did a great job of arranging everything from the transfers, drivers, guide, tours, hotels, airline...”

— Mark

07 Feb, 2024

5 out of 5 stars / Google Reviews

“Our trip, from brainstorming the ideal itinerary down to our final journey home, was a dream come true. Flor Bojorquez initiated our travel plan, answered questions, and provided guidance. Adam Laughter, provided the final phone conference and restaurant ideas. Both of these travel guides were informational and adept at their jobs! We spent one week in Galapagos and then another week, first...”

— Christina Kush

30 Jan, 2024

5 out of 5 stars / Google Reviews

“I highly recommend SA Expeditions. They facilitated a wonderful trip to Brazil and Argentina. Communication was clear and timely, and we fully understood what to expect from start to finish. We had very nice rooms with views at good hotels in interesting neighborhoods, where we could walk to attractions. The private guides and drivers were professional, knowledgeable and relatable, and they...”

— Roberta Collier

26 Jan, 2024

5 out of 5 stars / Google Reviews

“Working with Matt Greenberg at SA Expeditions was a pleasure! He is passionate about Patagonia and he really knows his stuff! We had a short turnaround from getting the trip organized to our departure date, and Matt came through. Every detail was taken care of. We really enjoyed the whole itinerary. The 24/7 support service worked impeccably. I highly recommend SA Expeditions for your South...”

— Jennifer Dockstator

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Private Jordan Expedition

Jeanie, Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in. I’ve seen about 53 countries - and Krisztian isn’t far behind me on the travel list. We were reflecting on our trip to Jordan - and we both said this was one of our top 3 trips. It was a trip of a lifetime. (One of the other 3, was the trip we did with y’all to Chile / Argentina in November. SA Expeditions for the win!;).  It was a beautiful combination of culture, adventure, city, sights, nature, history, religion, etc.  We loved Wadi Rum, Petra, Amman, and the Dead Sea. We appreciated the amount of “go time” and “down time”. We appreciated the balance of this trip. It was really well done in so so so so many ways. Thanks a billion for the trip of a lifetime!

* Photographed in Wadi Rum


African Safari Expedition

Dear Jeanie - Thank you so much for everything you did planning this trip for us! It was quite a memorable experience. We truly enjoyed all the lodges and excursions. We specifically enjoyed Chobe Game Lodge and the guide we had, especially after finding out the mission the Lodge has in hiring women for the running of the Lodge and the "Chobe Angels"! We also appreciated the other Lodges we went to and the specific things each offered. The addition of the helicopter ride was fabulous and quite memorable. We had wonderful guides along the way, all of whom had expert knowledge of the area. We did like the 5 star resort but enjoyed the more "camp" like feel of the other Lodges (all of which were very well appointed) as well, and that they housed less people. Gabrielle and I both agreed that we liked the fact that we did not stay at 5-star resorts all along the way so as to get a good feel of what things used to be like when traveling on Safari. 

We had several guides and other employees comment on the succession of places we visited and how the planning of the trip gave us such a good overview of Botswana and was so well planned. Kudos to you for that!! 

I can't say enough good things about the trip and about your planning. We appreciated everything you did for us! I wish you the best! When you decide to become a "specialist" in another part of the world, let me know because we may follow suit and have you plan another vacation for us!  

*Photographed in Botswana


Brazil to Patagonia Expedition

Hi Jeanie - The trip was just wonderful! Several bucket list moments and very special memories with my Mom. The SA team is second to none. Their attentiveness towards Mom is greatly appreciated. Everyone was very knowledgeable and entertaining. We really enjoyed Marcelo in Rio. He took some wonderful photos of us at Christ the Redeemer that we would not have gotten otherwise. The sights in Torres del Paine were also very special. One of the intangible benefits of having the SA team on our side is when things go sideways. Having them available to assist with COVID tests and transportation was invaluable. Also, we greatly appreciated the assistance at the checkin counters at the airports. 

*Photographed at Torres del Paine National Park

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