Tailor Made Uyuni Salt Flats & Bolivia Tours

Tailor Made Uyuni Salt Flats & Bolivia Tours

For millions of years the Pacific plate has been colliding with the Nazca plate, pushing up the Andean High plateau. At one such juncture, what is now in modern day Bolivia, it created an ancient inland salt sea that sat in a geological bathtub between two parallel high Andean ranges. In more recent transformations of the past thousands of years, it has been reduced to form the largest salt flat in the world at more than 4,000 square miles. Neighboring Lake Titicaca, which spans the Bolivian and Peruvian border, is also part of this ancient Inland sea, yet filled with water, making it the highest navigable lake in the world. 

Uyuni Salt Flats & Andean Highlights

Experience the best of the Andean highlands on this 11-day Uyuni and Andes Tour, travelling from Bolivia’s capital La Paz to the otherworldly Uyuni Salt …

11 Days

Starting from $5,990 per person

Uyuni Salt Flats & Machu Picchu

Combine the otherworldly landscapes of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia with a visit to Peru’s Sacred Valley that culminates in a visit to magical Machu …

9 Days

Starting from $5,290 per person

Uyuni Salt Flats & San Pedro de Atacama

If breath-taking, arid expanses excite you then this 10-day Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama tour is just the ticket. You will tour the expansive and …

10 Days

Starting from $6,590 per person


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