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Media Relations

Media Relations

SA Expeditions is at the vanguard of a new approach to travel, one which favors expertise, authenticity and purpose. We are changing the way people travel by wielding the power of exploration to create a better world. Our team of explorers don't sit in an office. We are out on the ground exploring ourselves. We are creating innovative ways to engage with the communities and places we visit.  We are promoting long-lasting economic development in areas facing unique challenges. We are incentivizing the conservation of important cultural and natural resources through our own exploratory expeditions. We are creating meaningful, enriching and unique travel experiences for our travelers. If you're in pursuit of a compelling story to tell, we are the people to talk to.

Our Team

We are changing what it means to do business by garnering a cohesive, engaged and professional team of digital nomads brought together by a shared expertise and passion for innovative and meaningful travel. Read more to understand why we became a cloud-based tour company and how our team is reshaping the industry.

Our Purpose

We are committed to developing travel opportunities that give meaningful experiences and, at the same time ensue a positive impact on the people and places that we engage with. This effort is epitomized in our exploration along the the Great Inca Trail which serves to bring awareness, protection and sustainable development to this vulnerable cultural heritage and the communities along it. The Great Inca Trail is part of the Qhapac Ñan road network, a UNESCO world heritage site, streatching from Ecuador to Peru and beyond, and yet most are unaware of its existence. By promotion equitable travel practices to the area, we work to alleviate the pressure on more heavily visited sites like Machu Picchu, while also encouraging attention and financial investment to a massive, multi-cultural, multi-national historical monument that's in danger of disappearing. Read more and reach out to understand more and see how you can help usin our effort to preserve The Great Inca Trail through exploration.

What's ahead?

Our Founder and Chief Explorer and expedition team have walked over 4,000 miles along The Great Inca Trail in Ecuador and Peru, engaging with local communities, travel and government partners to implement a live Awareness Campaign on social media and develop sustainable travel opportunities along select segments of the Royal Inca Road. Next our initiative takes us along Inca Roads in Lake Titicaca, the Salt Flats of Bolivia and the northern Atacama Desert of Chile where we'll be collaborating in an industry-wide effort alongside local communities to bring awareness and conservation to these seemingly forgotten historic sites.

Behind the scenes on the Great Inca Trail to Pariacaca

Into Qollasuyu: the Great Inca Trail Expedition continues

The Great Inca Trail

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If you're looking for a new or exclusive story, we have oodles of exciting topics to report on related to mindful travel, innovative and inclusive business practices, South America culture and history, South America dsetinations and trends, and much more. With our unique take on the industry, we can help you uncover a compelling and meaningful journalistic story. Check out our Journal for examples and inspiration or reach out to us to connect directly.