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What you should know about Maradona's goal of the century

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Today the world lost "futbol" (soccer) legend Diego Maradona, Argentina's larger-than-life star player.

Join us as we wind the clock back to 1986, when Argentina played England in the quarter final. The Falklands war had taken place only four years prior and the match was viewed as a chance for revenge by the whole of Argentina. The English were also pretty fired up.

The game featured two of the most talked about goals in the history of football, and both were scored by the same man: Diego Armando Maradona. The first goal was scored illegally when Maradona used his hand to punch the ball into the back of the net, the next involved El Diez (a reference to the number 10 on his back) running half the length of the pitch, beating five English defenders and side-footing the ball into an open net.

Throughout his career Maradona dished up equal servings of controversy and contradiction , but this match encapsulated the contradiction perfectly. The first goal has been remembered as the 'Hand of God' goal and is at least as famous as the second which has been voted the 'Goal of the Century' by just about every football poll ever held.

The video clip below combines the primetime TV footage with the legendary commentary of the famous Uruguayan radio commentator Victor Hugo Morales. If you were ever in doubt as to how important football is to South Americans, the passion in his voice will settle it once and for all. We just can't get enough of this video; it's Latin America at its very best.






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