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Polar Bear & Norway Arctic Cruise

Polar Bear & Norway Arctic Cruise

This 8-Day Polar Bear & Norway Arctic Cruise visits some of Norway’s northernmost islands, ensuring guests get as close as possible to the geographic North Pole while maximizing chances of viewing one of the largest land species in the region: Polar Bears. Enjoy daily zodiac rides and land excursions to explore the Arctic tundra, gazing in awe at glaciers and impressive fjords, all the while keeping eyes peeled for endemic wildlife and polar bears that call this winter wonderland home.

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Starting from $5,990 per person

Pricing includes everything from your international arrival to your departure, with the exception of flights and a few lunches and dinners.


  • Sail along the coast of Norway’s Spitsbergen island, dotted with fjords and glaciers, searching for bearded seals and seabird colonies among the extensive ice sheets.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for polar bears at every turn, paying close attention to expertly trained guides who are adept at spotting these white, furry, and well-camouflaged creatures.
  • Weather permitting, come within sight of the 3-mile-long behemoth Monaco Glacier, a favorite feeding spot for seabirds and thus a popular polar bear hunting ground.
  • Partake in daily zodiac excursions to get up-close and personal with marine wildlife, floating icebergs, and impressive ice floes.
  • Visit Hinlopen Strait on a land excursion, home to endemic Arctic wildlife such as pink-footed geese, walruses, and velvety-antlered reindeer.
  • Weather permitting, sail to 80-degrees north, coming within approximately 540 miles of the geographic North Pole!



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Sample Itinerary

Welcome to Longyearbyden, where your Arctic Expedition begins! You’ll set sail this evening in search of the minke whale while en route for Isfjorden. No two polar voyages are alike, as every day will present a new opportunity based on varying weather and ice conditions. Upmost flexibility is required however your Expedition Team will ensure you visit as many of the highlights the season has to offer.

Today you’ll head towards Raudfjorden, on the north coast of Spitsbergen. Feast your eyes on an expansive fjord dotted with glaciers while searching for ringed and bearded seals. The nearby cliffs and shoreline also support thriving seabird colonies, rich vegetation, and the possibility of sighting polar bears! There will be at least one dedicated expedition guide on board who will share their expert knowledge about bird species and who will be available to help you identify and photograph species.

Weather permitting, you’ll sail into Liefdefjorden and cruise within sight of the 3-mile-long face of the precipitous Monaco Glacier. The waters in front of this glacier are a favorite feeding spot for thousands of kittiwakes, while the base is a popular polar bear hunting ground. If the ship cannot get close, the captain will take an alternate route along the west coast of Spitsbergen.

Today you sail into Hinlopen Strait, home to bearded seals, ringed seals, polar bears and sometimes blue whales! After cruising among the ice floes of Lomfjordshalvøya via zodiac, you’ll admire the bird cliffs of Alkefjellet with their thousands of Brünnich’s guillemots. On the east side of Hinlopen Strait, staff will consider landing on Nordaustlandet (weather permitting). Here you will be on the look-out for reindeer, pink-footed geese, and walruses.

At 80° north and just 540 miles from the geographic North Pole, Seven Islands marks your most northerly visit. Polar bears inhabit this region, so the ship may park for several hours among the pack ice before heading west again.

While returning west, keep watch for polar bears and elusive Greenland (bowhead) whales. Close to Spitsbergen, you sail the edge of the continental shelf. Here fin whales forage during the summer in the upwelling zones (where cold, nutrient-rich water wells up from below the sea’s surface) that run along the Spitsbergen banks.

Continue navigating back to Longyearbyen, making the most of your remaining time by hopefully spotting searching walruses, sea birds, foxes, reindeer and more!

Upon disembarking in Longyearbyen, you’ll head to the airport for your departure flight home.

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