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Arctic - Aurora borealis lighting up the night sky

Northern Lights Arctic Cruise

This 9-Day Northern Lights Arctic Cruise goes in search of the spectacular Northern Lights, “aurora borealis,” that light up the night sky near the Arctic Circle when conditions are just right. Spend your days exploring the region on land excursions and zodiac rides, spotting endemic wildlife and taking in lectures from experts aboard the ship, and if the evenings are clear, turn your faces skyward to bask in the green-hued most magical show of nature, the Northern Lights.

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We'll blend your desires with expert, local knowledge to design a seamless, private tour.

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We'll greet you at the airport and be by your side every step of the way, making room for spontaneity as you go.


Starting from $ 6,790 per person

Pricing includes everything from your international arrival to your departure, with the exception of flights and a few lunches and dinners.


  • Bookend your Arctic journey in Reykjavik, the brightly colored and charming capital of Iceland, with the option to extend your visit to further explore Iceland’s wonders.
  • Pay close attention to the dedicated birding guide on board your cruise, who will assist in identifying rare species like fulmars, kittiwakes, gannets, and common guillemots.
  • Keep an eye peeled for Arctic animal sightings, such as whales in the water as you cross the Arctic Circle, musk oxen, Arctic hares, and even “unicorns of the Arctic,” narwhals.
  • Take advantage of ideal climatological conditions to gaze in wonder at the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, that may illuminate the Arctic sky in bright green hues.
  • Admire colossal floating icebergs as you sail through the Rode Fjord in the interior of Scoresbysund island.

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