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Favorite part of Peru: good value of luxury hotels

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We asked fellow travelers and SA Expedition team members to tell us about their favorite part of Peru. Today’s post comes from our Destination Manager, Riva Bacquet.

If you’re like me, you like to travel in comfort and you like to travel often. With these criteria in mind it’s crucial to select the best value-for-quality accommodations out there to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment. A better investment today frees up more spending power for your next trip (which, if you’re like me, is already in the works!).

The good news is, there are incredible hotels at every budget level; and regardless of your wallet size, there’s always a first-rate choice to meet your needs. The challenge is figuring out which hotels offer the best combination of high-quality amenities, space, personalized service, and location, while maintaining a fair and competitive rate for their offer. These unique properties (and often specific rooms within a particular property) are a rarity, and it has been my passion and my hobby to find them in each of my favorite destinations around the world.\Here are some of my most cherished finds in Cusco:

Cusco Luxury: La Casona

“Luxury” in Cusco is a vague term. There are upwards of five different room types available at each of the seven-or-more five-star hotels located in the historical center, all of which vary in size, quality, amenities, and of course price. With so much variation, it is easy to see how travelers get lost trying to make an educated selection. No doubt there’s something special about each hotel, but the best investment in town is undeniably La Casona.


This unique property is set in a renovated Spanish manor home built in the Inka layout that was popular during the 16th century, and continues to maintain its original design and appeal as a private colonial residence. Walking through the heavy renaissance-style front doors transports you back in time, and the building is fittingly recognized as an official historical monument.There is no lobby and no essence of a customary hotel within La Casona’s massive stone walls. Instead, the hotel feels like your own home, perhaps from another era from another life, but still your own.

The halls are filled with one-of-a-kind furnishings and rich colorful fabrics.  With just 11 suites overlooking an original courtyard in the center of the property, this hotel exudes exclusivity, character, and affluence. Their two top Plaza Suites are the most elaborate and look over the quaint Plazoleta Las Nazarenas which is home to some of Cusco’s most exquisite architecture.


Cusco Boutique: Casa San Blas Boutique

There is an unlimited number of so-called boutique-style or three-star hotels in Cusco. However, the six superior rooms at the Casa San Blas Boutique hotel in Cusco are the most privileged spots in town for a budget traveler seeking comforts beyond their monetary means. This small-locally owned hotel is situated three blocks from the main plaza up a relatively steep hill giving way to the most spectacular rooftop views of Cusco and its surrounding mountains. Only from these special six rooms on the top floor can you enjoy these views from your bed (see photo below!); just one of the many special touches offered by a night’s stay at this exceptional boutique hotel.  


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