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Our Team

Our Team

SA Expeditions is more than just a travel company, it’s a network of professionals hailing from a variety of backgrounds and places, all bound by a love of travel, appreciation of different cultures and dedication to crafting an authentic travel experience. Our team of experts, visible and behind the scenes, all contribute to making each tailor-made trip a truly unique, memorable, once in a lifetime adventure. Have a look behind the scenes and see what makes SA Expeditions tick.

The SA Universe

A unified global network of travel professionals and explorers dedicated to building awareness, promoting conservation and creating life-changing experiences.

Our Core Leadership

Inspired by thought leaders, our personal world travels, and the members of our own SA Universe, our core team orchestrates a robust network of specialists at the top of their craft; our mission is to design travel experiences that benefit everyone and every thing impacted by them.

Our Story

SA Expeditions took flight in 2010, when two avid travelers embarked on a hairebrained idea in a converted garage in Lima, Peru.

By 2015, SA Expeditions was a fully cloud-based company, exchanging a brick-and-mortar physical office presence for digital communication and annual in-person summits.

What started as a small company specializing in tours to just Peru and Machu Picchu, has grown exponentially across the Americas, both Polar regions, and beyond. As we continue to navigate being a purpose-drive company, our destinational expertise remains unrivalled and we couldn't be more proud of our curated global network of experts.