April 19, 2014

By: Nick Dall

Two great stop-motion videos of Peru and Bolivia

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There's nothing quite like a great stop-motion video to get the travel juices flowing. I had lots of fun trying to identify all the locations in the film as the good memories of places as varied as Uyuni and Ica came hurtling back. If you have been to Peru and Bolivia this clip will make you want to return; if you haven't been yet you'll soon be making plans to change this fact. In under two minutes the film-maker Piotr Wancerz is able to showcase some of the amazing diversity in these two Andean heavyweights - and he didn't even spend much time at the beach or in the jungle.

If this isn't enough, Piotr was also kind enough to share this adrenalin-pumping bonus track which highlights some of the great adventure sports on offer in Peru and Bolivia. From cycling down Bolivia's 'death road' to dune buggy rides in Huacachina in Peru, this second video's got it all.

Thanks also to Pedro Szekely for taking the title image for this post.

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