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The best way to explore incredible Yellowstone

When you think of Yellowstone National Park, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic Old Faithful geyser, or perhaps the Yogi Bear cartoon. Yellowstone is so much more than just a geyser! The region is home to the majestic Grand Tetons; endless expanses of vast, pristine plains; and a rich human and ecological history that makes it a must-see destination for both summer and winter holidays.

Photo 1-2

Enjoy steamy walks along the many geothermal water features in Yellowstone National Park. (Photo: Paul Brown)

Remote but accessible

Yellowstone sits atop a dormant volcano in the remote Northwest, at an average elevation of 8,100 feet. It is, according to our local travel partner, Paul Brown, “As wild a place as you can find in the lower 48 US states.” With seemingly endless geothermal water features; pristine wilderness encompassing mountains, valleys, rivers, and plains; and an incredible diversity of wildlife big and small, the region is perfect for families, romantic couples’ getaways, and solo outdoor enthusiasts. Yellowstone gives you a chance to immerse yourself in nature and step into the rustic, western way of life.

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Be prepared to be mesmerized by native wildlife in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Park with up-close wildlife encounters. (Photo: Paul Brown)

But its proximity to both the Bozeman International Airport in Montana and Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming also makes it really easy to get to. Our private, tailormade trips offer you the chance to start your adventure from either of these towns. For the full Yellowstone experience (especially in the summer), we’d highly recommend starting your expedition in either the north or the south and working your way to the other end of the park. Our Yellowstone, Grand Teton & Lamar Valley Tour which starts in Bozeman and ends in Jackson Hole does just this.

Yellowstone by raft

Peaceful lake views are just some of the sights you’ll enjoy on a float in Yellowstone. (Photo: Paul Brown)

Winter or summer?

When thinking about a trip to Yellowstone, it’s especially important to consider when you’d like to travel. Although the region is popular in both summer and winter, there are notable differences in the seasonal offerings and available excursions. In the summer you can expect your program to be filled with hiking, river floats, and traversing the parks. The main difference when traveling during winter (besides being prepared for cold weather and enjoying a winter wonderland!) is park accessibility. Over the winter, Yellowstone’s interior is closed to regular vehicles and only open to those equipped with special tires for winter conditions (referred to as “snow coaches”). You’ll also notice that winter programs tend to move slower (think activities like snowshoeing, snow mobiles, fat tire biking, and cross-country skiing), so you cover less ground but take more time to enjoy the area. In general, the winter season runs from November through early May, and summer season usually spans from mid-May through the end of October.

Winter season, Yellowstone

Even winter cold can’t stop the region’s fun and adventures! (Photo: Paul Brown)

Yellowstone, the SA Expeditions way

Before touching down in the region for an epic wildlife adventure, you’ll work with your personal Destination Expert, who oversees your experience from start to finish, and plans your perfect trip. Your Destination Expert will ascertain what kind of trip you had in mind and gauge your travel style to fine-tune recommendations and match you with the best guide for your interests. Start by sharing more about your travel style (accommodation type, pace of tour, preferred amount of free time, etc.) and activities you enjoy while traveling. If you love the outdoors but aren’t keen to hike, just let us know and we’ll suggest a variety of other activities, like biking, horseback riding, white water rafting, or perhaps even a foraging and primitive skills workshop. Alternatively, we can customize your program with excursions like photography (land or helicopter-based), yoga, or attending the Jackson Hole rodeo (a 100+ year tradition!).

Photo 5-1

The region offers something for everyone, so if you’re not keen on hiking, just mount your sturdy steed and enjoy the (horseback) ride. (Photo: Paul Brown)

In our experience, travelers fall into two broad groups – those who want to see each main highlight, and those who prefer to venture away from the beaten path. With our private, tailormade trips, your Destination Expert will design just the right program for you. And your local guide will curate the tour to your needs, helping you to understand the ecosystems, wildlife, and predator food chains of the region … All the while making you feel like a local and accommodating your preferred travel style. To best customize your trip, the same guide will accompany you on all your tours and will be by your side from airport arrival to settling into your hotel, pointing out wildlife, or suggesting the best place for a photo op. We are with you throughout your adventure, and shine at being the liaison that connects you to the destination.

Access to unique experiences

Another highlight of booking your vacation with SA Expeditions is access to unique experiences you might not otherwise be aware of if planning a trip on your own. Let our expertise and local, knowledgeable guides create a flawless trip packed with one-of-a-kind experiences. You might want to try floating along the Yellowstone Riverand 00enjoying breakfast on the boat(for example, check out Day 4 of our Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks tour), instead of the average panoramic tour?

Or perhaps you’d rather test out your skills at an essential oils workshop led by a third-generation local who has spent years studying the flora of the region? It’s these lesser-known experiences that set SA Expeditions’ adventures apart. From initial contact to on-the-ground departure, we strive to come up with unique suggestions and offer the flexibility required to make your trip exactly how you’d envisioned it to be. So, whether it’s a special romantic getaway or a week of family fun, our Destination Experts will work hand in hand with our local guides to create the most memorable experience for you and your travel companions!

Photo 6

SA Expeditions guides know the night sky like the backs of their hands and will take to you to the darkest vantage points for the ultimate stargazing experience. (Photo: Wyoming Stargazing)

For inspiration, why not check out some of our most popular Yellowstone adventures here. And then speak to a Destination Expert about crafting your own dream scape.

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