Galapagos Islands
September 01, 2014

By: Guest Contributor

The incredible mating dance of the blue-footed booby

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The blue-footed booby is an absolutely unforgettable bird, and it's common throughout the Galapagos Islands. No-one knows why their feet are so blue, although the most common theory is that it's something to do with their diet.

Be that as it may, there's no doubting that the shade of blue plays a role in their mating rituals: the bluer the better! This excerpt from the Galapagos Conservation Trust explains their truly unique dance in more detail: "During the mating season (June to August), the booby performs an elaborate mating dance unmatched by other seabird species, which starts when the male gives the female a small stone or stick.  He then tips his beak, tail, and wing tips to the sky and whistles.  They slowly march around each other and display their bright blue feet for hours. "

Now that you've read about it, it's time to see it for yourself...accompanied by an extremely appropriate soundtrack by Cake - a band that is almost as quirky as the boobies themselves. Almost.


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