April 27, 2016

By: Nick Dall

The Cidade Maravilhosa in glorious HD

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Making a stop-motion film that does Rio justice is no mean feat, but these guys have done it with knobs on!
Brazil is going through a difficult time at the moment. The move to impeach president Dilma Rousseff is making international headlines; the economy is suffering a prolonged slump and there's doubt as to whether some of the infrastructure required to host the Olympic Games will be ready on time.
But the fact remains that on August 5 2016 the eyes of the world will turn to Rio de Janeiro, the Cidade Maravilhosa or Marvelous City. The only way to truly experience Rio is to visit for yourself. But this incredible video from Brazilian film-making collective MOOV is the next best thing.
Watch, enjoy and start making travel plans...

Time of Rio - Copyright MOOV Films, 2013

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