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SA Expeditions featured in recent news

As a Certified B Corp, we strive to tell compelling stories about the people who make our trips possible, all while spreading awareness about our conservation efforts. As such, it’s extra thrilling to have been featured prominently in numerous recent external news sources, and to have had our story picked up by well-known publications. Here’s where you can find our most recent stories across the web:

National Geographic

Explore Inca life beyond Machu Picchu on this South American trail

Our good friend Mark Johanson penned an excellent article for the original explorer’s magazine with the iconic yellow rectangle logo, having completed one of our Great Inca Trail treks himself. Featuring stunning photos provided by SA Expeditions, this piece is a visual safari chock-full of data, maps, and observations about one of our favorite – and most endangered – sections of trail the world over.


“Where To Go (Responsibly) In 2023: 17 Unforgettable Travel Ideas”

Journalist Ann Abel composed a great piece for Forbes, aimed at anyone whose New Year Resolutions may have included “traveling better.” As one of her 17 suggested unforgettable travel ideas, SA Expeditions’ Great Inca Trail hiking experiences are touted as a way to actively and responsibly participate in the conservation of the world’s largest UNESCO World Heritage site.


SA Expeditions Offers Private Tours For Travelers Desiring One-of-a-Kind Experiences

The all-things-credit-cards site published a comprehensive profile of SA Expeditions, written by Sean Roderick. In his article, Sean explains how SA Expeditions “provides a travel experience that is both transformational and sustainable.” CardRates.com’s article also highlights SA’s remote work policy, our new Organizational Retreats product, and how we strive to stand by our mission statement of benefitting everyone and everything impacted by our tours.

Advantage Magazine – Embraer Private Jets

“Travel for Humanity”

SA was featured prominently in the January 18th edition of the Embraer Private Jets in-flight magazine, in their article titled, “Travel for Humanity.” Our work along the Great Inca Trail was featured as a way to mitigate overtourism and develop inclusive tourism initiatives in rural areas with limited tourism infrastructure.

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