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April 30, 2020

By: SA Explorer

Our Promise of Flexibility in Times of Unpredictability

The human urge to explore and learn, even in times of social distancing, continues to be a driving force of humanity. Specifically, preferences for private travel (SA Expeditions’ forte) will surely increase and we will be here when it does. On our tailor-made, private tours, be assured that SA Expeditions will be there every step of the way focusing on your safety and well-being.

In these times of unpredictability, we want to give our clients a measure of certainty that they can change their plans if they need to. Both for clients with confirmed travel or those looking to plan their next adventure, SA Expeditions gives our “Flexibility Pledge” with personalized and informed assistance throughout. While every trip SA Expeditions designs is unique, we Pledge the utmost flexibility to adjust your trip dates, working closely with our partners across the Americas. With minimal exceptions, this can be done at no charge and includes 24-hour trip support in the case of any disruption.

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