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How travel makes you happier

How do you define success? According to a new study, Americans are increasingly placing value on life’s journey as opposed to its destination. In a survey of 2,000 people commissioned by American Express, only one in four Americans rate wealth as a factor in gauging life success, with "experiences" taking up the top spots.

So how do we define a successful life?

1. Being in good health (85%)

2. Finding time for the important things in life (83%)

3. Having a good marriage/relationship (81%)

4. Knowing how to spend money well (81%)

5. Having a good work/personal life balance (79%)

6. Having a job you love (75%)

7. Making time to pursue passions and interest (69%)

8. Being physically fit (66%)

9. Always trying to learn and do new things (65%)

10. Embracing new experiences/changes (65%)

By placing value on the experience rather the material, 58% of respondents said they were more willing to try new things then they were five years ago. When asked why, 55% said it was to gain a better understanding of what they need to live a fulfilling life. Additionally, of those who said they lived a successful life, 94% said they were open to change and 85% said they made time for the important things in life.

Here at SA, we’d have to agree. Nothing opens your eyes more than moving outside your comfort zone and experiencing the world from a different perspective. Once you’ve completed at homestay at Lake Titicaca or experienced the elegant simplicity of the Andes, you begin to realize what is really important. And it isn’t fancy cars or flashy clothes. So we’re not at all surprised that 88% of respondents put Traveling at the top of their bucket list.

Ready to start exploring and living your life? Contact SA Expeditions for travel suggestions and an all inclusive travel experience.

Thanks to John_DL for the title image of this blog.

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