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Travel to Peru podcast featuring Founder Nick Stanziano

Anyone who has met Nick Stanziano, a co-founder of SA Expeditions, knows he is a talker. So when we had the opportunity to share some Peru travel insights and information with the Amateur Traveler podcast, we knew just who to send.

The Amateur Traveler is an award winning blog featuring a weekly hour-long travel podcast. During his interview, Nick discusses the history of Peru, must-see destinations, and shares insights into Peruvian culture.

You can visit the Peru podcast page here

Here’s a cheat sheet for topics throughout the conversation. For further information on specific topics, the links take you to our relevant blog articles.

3:00 – What brought Nick to Peru

4:30 – Early Human Civilizations in Peru ““Mesopotamia of the Americas”

6:50 – Inca Trail discussion

7:30 – Must see locations during a week in Peru; focus on Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley

10:20 – Combining a visit to Machu Picchu with the Amazon in 10-15 days

11:00 – Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon

11:39 – Lima discussion

13:00 – Why Nick ended up in Peru

15:00 – What would surprise a first time visitor to Peru?

16:20 – Overlooked places to visit in the Sacred Valley

22: 50 – What “traditional” lifestyle means in the Andes

26:15 – Modern attractions in Peru; focus on Lima

27: 40 – What the guidebook got wrong about Peru

28:55 – What to eat in Peru

30:20 – Restaurants in Lima

31:20 – Eating guinea pig, cuy

32:55 – Peru travel cautions; focus on altitude

35:55 – Most beautiful places in Peru

38:00 – What makes you say “Only in Peru”

40:00 – Peru as a growing economy

41:50 – Three words to describe Peru

42:05 – How to learn more about traveling to Peru

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