Machu Picchu
May 26, 2014

By: Guest Contributor

Machu Picchu like you've never seen it before: video

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Well, unless you've been to Machu Picchu, that is....

In November 2012 photographer Jeff Cremer decided to take the highest resolution photo of Machu Picchu in history. He achieved this by taking 1920 hi-res closeups of the iconic ruins and stitching them together into one enormous image which can be printed on paper as large as 82ft x 24ft! The image took 11.5 hours to upload to the internet, and it can be viewed in all its glory here.

MP gigapixel
An extremely low-res rendering of 'the picture'.

When you watch the ‘making of’ video below, be sure to look out for the girl jumping in stilettos. You can’t really miss her, in fact.

All images courtesy Jeff Cremer.

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