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Favorite photos of Lima showing off its color

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A recent Associate Press article explores one of Lima’s underground markets--one of the markets off the tourist trail, frequented by in-the-know locals. In the piece, the author wanders through a “witch market” where unusual substances are served:

“Here, ingredients for one of the proffered potions include a live frog plucked from a fish tank, plus pollen, coca, quail egg, honey, a fruit called noni and agorrobina, a syrup made from the black carob tree.

The slimy brown mixture, promises drink-maker Mario Lopez, will cure respiratory ailments, impotence and anemia, and also work as an aphrodisiac.

Lopez whips up the elixir for a woman suffering from asthma. He tosses the frog into a skillet for a quick sear before it is liquefied in the mixer.”

The market is located in a rather dodgy area of Lima, La Victoria, next to a metro station. Though we don’t recommend setting off on your own (but if you do, leave your valuables behind) the article reminds us that there’s much more to Lima than meets the eye.

Here at SA Expeditions, we’ve written about Lima’s colonial culture, and the cornucopia of colors and attractionssplashed across this city with a reputation for being grey. Today we don’t want to just tell you about Lima, we want to show you. Here are some of our favorite snapshots of Peru’s capital city and surroundings.

Photo by Paulo Escudero


Photo by Chris Taylor.


Photo by Christian Haugen.


Photo by Vasenka


Photo by Geraint Rowland


Photo by David Almeida


Photo by Christian Córdova


Photo by McKay Savage


Photo by Serious Cat


Photo by Cathrine Lindblom


Photo by Geraint Rowland


Photo by Marco Milon


Photo by Kenneth Moore


Photo by Geraint Rowland


Photo by Munir Squires


Photo by Joshua Alan Davis


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