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Inspiring video: Chile is good for you

Measuring 2,653 miles from North to South and averaging only 110 miles in width, if Chile were a person it'd be a beanpole. Its strange shape is due to Chile's remarkable Geography - wedged between the mighty Andes in the East and the bountiful Pacific in the West and spanning almost 39 degrees of latitude, it is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

It's got deserts in the North and glaciers in the South and a bit of everything else in between. From undulating vineyards and ramshackle port-cities to Alpine lakes and world-class ski-slopes, Chile really does have it all. And that's before we've even mentioned Easter Island, one of the most hauntingly beautiful spots on the planet.

We love this video for its utter simplicity. There's no cheesy voice-over and there are no glittery special effects because there don't have to be. Chile speaks for itself. If you've been before, see how many places you can recognize. And if you haven't...Start penciling some dates into your diary.

Keen to see Chile for yourself? Check out our Chile itineraries here or speak to one of our Destination Experts about crafting the bespoke vacation of your dreams.

Full credit to Chile Travel for the video and to Cesar Gonzalez Palomo for the photo.


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