Iguazu Falls
February 06, 2017

By: Nick Dall

Iguazu gallery: The world's most beautiful waterfall in pictures

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If a regular picture tells a thousand words, then a picture of Iguazu must tell many more. Sit back and enjoy our gallery of the world's most beautiful place.

When Eleanor Roosevelt visited the Iguazu Falls she exclaimed, "Poor Niagara," and anyone who's visited this natural wonder on the border of Brazil and Argentina will understand why. Iguazu combines raw power and delicate detail in an intoxicating package that is at once humbling and elevating. And that's just the falls themselves...

The surrounding national parks on both sides of the border incorporate pristine forests that are teeming with tropical birds, butterflies and flowers, not to mention the omnipresent coatis - the cheeky little rodents which practically own the place. What's more, there are loads of trails in the forests, many of which are blessedly free of tourists.

Lots of travelers debate whether the Falls are better enjoyed from the Argentinean or the Brazilian side, but for us the question is a no-brainer. To truly appreciate Iguazu, it has to be savored from both sides.


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