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The globalization of Peruvian cuisine

On a recent visit to San Francisco, I visited the restored Ferry building, just a few jaunts away from the financial district and along the bay. What in recent history were dilapidated dock constructions, has been beautifully restored to house organic markets, coffee shops, and anything else progressive and smart. On this visit, I couldn’t help but make a stop to Gaston Acurio’s cevicheria La Mar. Peru was on my mind, even among such a place as this. The first and original La Mar in Lima is arguably the most renowned cevicheria in all of Peru and since its inception, it’s been a destination for Lima’s burgeoning affluent class. In San Francisco, La Mar is now a hub for the young, savvy and trendy who sip pisco martini’s while indulging in some of the world’s best Peruvian ceviche. This humble dish originally created by afro-Peruvian slaves, has come a long way. From the cotton fields of colonial Peru giving nourishment to some of the worlds most oppressed and hopeless, two centuries later it now serves to the world’s most powerful and optimistic. In this age of social media, jumbo jets and globalization's continual march, we look at some of the top Peruvian chef’s that have permeated some of the world’s most important gastronomic scenes.

La Mar, San Francisco California

Located in the iconic Ferry Building in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, it’s serves up traditional ceviche just as you would find in Peru’s capital city of Lima. There is also now a La Mar in Bogota, San Paolo, Mexico City and soon to be Miami. Its creator Gaston Acurio is the father of nouveau Peruvian cuisine.

La Mar - San Francisco, California

Rafael’s - Bogota, Colombia

Rafael Osterling has always given design and art a significant role in his dining experiences. While he is one of Peru best chef’s challenging your tastes, he is also one to challenge your mind with numerous works of art whether it be in the restrooms or on the walls.

Rafael's - Bogota, Colombia

Lima - London UK

Located in the Fitzrovia neighborhood, Chef Virgilio Martinez whose flagship restaurant Central in Lima was recently ranked #50 of the world’s best restaurants. Most notably, Lima London has also received its first Michelin star which is the first by a contemporary Peruvian Chef.

Lima - London, UK

Astrid y Gaston - Madrid Spain

Astrid y Gaston in Lima, Peru was the first restaurant of Gaston Acurio and helped kick start the countries contemporary gastronomic movement. It was ranked #14 of the world’s best restaurants and #1 in Latin America.

All images were obtained from the respective restaurants’ websites.

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