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SA's COO featured on acclaimed social impact podcast

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Riva Bacquet, COO of SA Expeditions, joined Corinna Bellizzi on “Care More Be Better,” a podcast that features the stories of inspired individuals and caring companies that are committed to creating a positive impact on their communities and around the world.

Considering travel has always been a part of Riva’s life, she has had a deep passion for travel from a young age. Little did she know that she would be a part of a team that had the same passions as her while moving communities and inspiring others in the realm of travel.

However, any amount of travel raises concerns about environmental impact. In this podcast, Riva tackles the question of how one can travel while generating the least amount of negative impact on the environment. She touches on topics including carbon emissions from flights and offsetting those emissions, as well as awareness of overtourism versus underappreciated regions that would benefit from more visitors.

Podcast Takeaways

When traveling with a green conscience, it's important to prioritize organizations that integrate sustainable practices within their operations to lessen their environmental impact and contribute to local communities. Certified B Corporations, such as SA Expeditions, pledge to balance profit with purpose, and dedicate the use of business as a force for good. While this certification recognizes organizations that meet the highest social and environmental standards, the certification process was a long haul.

Tune in to the “Care More Be Better” podcast featuring Riva to hear about SA Expeditions’ B Corp journey and how you can practice eco-friendly travel.

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Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 03:20 Attaining B-Corp Status As A Travel Agency

  • 08:00 Traveling Post-Covid, Eco-Minded, Carbon-Offsets

  • 11:00 Packing Light, Renting Gear, etc.

  • 14:00 Travel Destinations, Giving Back

  • 16:30 The Problems of “Over-tourism” to Destinations

  • 19:50 Riva’s Favorite Travel Destinations (Galapagos, Machu Pichu, Amazon River Cruises)

  • 22:15 Culture, Language & Travel

  • 25:57 Travel Trends (ecotourism, conscious travel, family travel)

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, click here. If you’re inspired to start planning your next expedition to use travel as a force for good, contact a Destination Expert to customize your carbon neutral, B Corp certified adventure.

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