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Travel That Awakens

We believe the best kind of travel awakens your curiosity. It broadens your perspective. It connects you to new people and cultures. It pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone and challenges you. It shapes you and brings meaning to your life. We know the desire to explore is within you – and at SA Expeditions, we want to help that explorer come alive. It’s why we exist: To awaken the explorer in all of us.

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Tailor-Made Experiences

Your tour is carefully crafted around how you want to travel, what you want to experience, and who you want to experience it with.

Trusted Advisors

Our Destination Experts aren't just trip designers, they're true explorers with worldly experience you wont find anywhere else.

Travel That Gives Back

We seek to benefit not just the traveler, but everyone and everything impacted by our trips.

How It Works

Choose Your Adventure

Decide where, when and how you want to explore. Then contact us to start planning with a destination expert.

Customize Your Tour

We'll blend your desires with expert, local knowledge to design a seamless, private tour.

Embark on Your Journey

We'll greet you at the airport and be by your side every step of the way, making room for spontaneity as you go.

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Unrivaled Personal Service

Our team of experts, both visible and behind the scenes, make each tailor-made trip a truly unique and memorable once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Learn what our travelers have to say about us.

Travel with Purpose

We insist travel should be a force for good; not only by enlightening us by exploring new destinations, but by providing a way for us to preserve and honor them. Because when you travel with purpose, you end up living with more purpose, too.

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