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Great Migration Tanzania Safari

9 DAYS Starting from $6,990 per person

Embark on an unforgettable 9-day safari through Tanzania's renowned national parks. Witness vast landscapes and elephants in Tarangire, tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara, and the "big five" in Ngorongoro Crater. Explore the iconic Serengeti, home to the Great Migration and diverse African wildlife. Relish thrilling game drives and serene moments in the heart of the African bush, leaving lasting memories of Tanzania's extraordinary beauty and wildlife.


Trip at a Glance



  • Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of witnessing immense herds of elephants, sometimes numbering up to 500 strong, as they embark on their epic migration to converge at the banks of the Tarangire River during the dry season.
  • Embark on a thrilling safari adventure in Lake Manyara National Park and be captivated by the rare and fascinating sight of lions nonchalantly perched on tree branches, all set against the backdrop of the park's diverse and picturesque landscapes.
  • Witness the remarkable concentration of wildlife, including the iconic Big Five, within the confines of the vast and ancient volcanic caldera known as Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Venture on thrilling game drives in the Serengeti to explore the vast plains and witness the incredible diversity of wildlife, from the majestic Big Five to graceful antelopes, wildebeests, and zebras.
  • View the Serengeti from a unique perspective by taking a hot air balloon safari, soaring above the savannas and witnessing wildlife from the skies, followed by a delightful breakfast upon landing.
  • Engage with local Maasai communities and experience their traditional way of life through cultural visits, learning about their customs, traditional dances, and handicrafts, adding a deeper layer of cultural immersion to your safari experience.

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