Buenos Aires Tour & Antarctica Silver Explorer Cruise

Buenos Aires Tour & Antarctica Silver Explorer Cruise

Navigate the chilly and at times turbulent Antarctic waters with ease and stability aboard the Silver Cloud, a spacious vessel designed for modern elegance. As we explore perhaps the most remote continent in the world, comfort remains on board with options such as in-suite dining, topical lectures from experts, and broad viewing decks. Home to pristine landscapes, ice formations and thriving flora and fauna such as the iconic penguin, this Antarctic expedition offers 15 days of otherworldly sights. 


Starting from $12,990 per person

Pricing includes everything from your international arrival to your departure, with the exception of flights and a few lunches and dinners.



  • Small group outings as well as an elegantly designed vessel ensure that you can appreciate the remote and picturesque setting of the southernmost continent whether on or off board.
  • So iconic to the area, witness a range of penguin species including the Adelie, Chinstrap and the long-tailed Gentoo.
  • From looming ice sculptures to thriving moss beds, take in stunning panoramas of Antarctic islands from one of the verandas or decks on board the Silver Cloud.
  • With your safety and comfort in mind, a flexibility has been worked into the itinerary to ensure that only locations most suitable to weather conditions are visited.
  • Navigate the Antarctic Convergence, a natural division of climates and marine life and one of the southern hemisphere’s major marine food sources.
  • Explore Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, on a guided tour, followed by the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the metropolitan city on a day that’s left up to your whim and desire.



We tailor itineraries to your dates and interests, adjusting hotels, excursions and length as desired.

We consistently receive 5 star reviews from our discerning clients.

Sample Itinerary

At the airport, one of our representatives will meet you and take you to your Buenos Aires hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, we can arrange an activity in the city for the afternoon or evening.

After breakfast, you'll head out on a Buenos Aires city tour during which you'll explore the districts of San Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, the city center, and the main plaza. The tour will end in the Recoleta Cemetery where you can stay and explore on your own or continue back to the hotel.

Today is yours to explore wonderful Buenos Aires at your leisure. Shop for antiques in San Telmo, explore the city’s fantastic art galleries or take a stroll along the delightful greenery of the Costanera Sur. The main districts in Buenos Aires are pedestrian friendly and the city's subways are efficient and easy to use. In the evening, you will be taken to one of Buenos Aires' best tango houses for an authentic Porteño evening of dinner, music, and dancing. Choose either a small, intimate show or a large, Broadway-style production.

A morning flight will take you to Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Nicknamed “the End of the World,” Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost tip of not only Argentina but of all South America. Upon arrival, you will board the Silver Explorer cruise ship. We’ll sail south towards Drake Passage, navigating the waves with ease and stability. Stay astute as seabirds and whales are known to make friendly appearances in this area.

Though it’s known for the turbulent waves, you’ll want to stay astute for fauna as we enter the Drake Passage. Seabirds and whales are known to make friendly appearances in this area as the Antarctic Convergence, a natural meetup of cold polar waters with a warmer equatorial flow, results in nutrients attractive to such animals.

This stretch of water has quite the history, and in fact gets its name from a ship that, in 1902, became the first to sail across its surface. Witness penguin breeding grounds with visits to sites like Paulet, Hope Bay and Brown Bluff. Having broken off from the Larsen Ice Shelf, the tabular icebergs in the Sound are quite the spectacle.

Feel like a true explorer as we navigate through iceberg sculptures and the remote wilderness that belongs to the Antarctic. Though it is the main peninsula closest to South America, Antarctica has a human history of just 200 years. Hunters and scientists have come and gone, but the protected bays and pristine snowy mountaintops wouldn’t show it. Keep your eyes open for the iconic penguins and other marine mammals.

Comprising of nine islands in total, the South Shetland islands are usually the first pieces of land to be seen in the Antarctic and thus the most visited by scientists and tourists alike. As the warmest part of the continent, flora such as moss beds and colorful variation of lichens have not only survived but thrived in such a climate upon these islands. Chinstrap, Macaroni and Gentoo Penguins have also been known to breed here.

This is your last chance to catch sight of seabirds such as the Black-browed Albatross, Sooty Shearwaters and White-chinned Petrels. Once again we traverse across the tempestuous waves of Drake Passage, though the stable ride of the Silver Explorer will make it hardly noticeable.

It’s time to disembark the Silver Explorer, and when you do you’ll be transferred to the airport in order to board a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take ease in knowing that an SA representative will ensure you arrive on time.

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