Client Info: - Harri and Heidi B. (New York)

Destination Name: Machu Picchu

The highlights of our trip were the trip to Machu Picchu, Our stay in the Amazon, and all of the beautiful accommodations at each place we stayed. We were very pleased with our guides and representatives. It was so nice to be greeted by Allison's smiling face when we landed after a long flight. Her thorough review of our itinerary put our minds at rest about the exciting week ahead. Wilfredo was an outstanding driver. He kept our vehicle spotlessly clean the entire trip, and maneuvered through some of the most difficult roads and traffic so that we always had a comfortable ride. He was always promptly waiting to pick us up from wherever we were, so we never had to wait. However, it was Johan, our guide that truly made the trip memorable for us. The wealth of information he shared with us about the Inca and Spanish history brought each site alive for us. He told us about each place as if it were a story unfolding before our eyes. He would frequently ask us questions, that made us think about what we were seeing and helped us to remember all that we learned. His calm and smiling demeanor combined with Wifredo's driving, created a delightful, stress free trip. In addition, the other guides that took us on our shorter excursions were also friendly, professional, and courteous. As Dennys in the Amazon reminded us- “No worries!” Finally, our last few hours in Lima with Reynardo were a relaxing conclusion to our trip as we came full circle from the Incas, to the Amazon, to the history of the Spanish in the historical district of Lima.

All of our accommodations were first class. The service at each place was impeccable, as if the staff anticipated our every need. Our rooms and cabana were beautifully designed for our maximum enjoyment.We felt like royalty at each place! As for the Amazon-it was a true adventure crossing the canopy walks, seeing the wild life and learning about the medical qualities of many plants. Thank you and all your wonderful staff for making this the trip of a lifetime! 

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