Client Info: - Bob and Rachel B. (San Francisco, California)

Destination Name: Galapagos Islands

Rachel and I can say that the “father/daughter Galapagos & ultimate Peru expedition” was a terrific success. After having fiddled with the complicated itinerary for so many weeks, I wondered if it would all work out as planned. But it did! Every connection, every reservation, every guide and activity turned out as described on the final itinerary. We had a wonderful, eye-opening adventure, with knowledgeable, solicitous, very helpful guides, and even a day all to ourselves in Cuzco, a day to wander and enjoy that Rachel says was her favorite one of the trip.

Our guide in the Galapagos, Pablo, was a sweetheart. I loved that he was an island-born Galapagoan. Everything was delightful and amazing except for the very rough boat trip from Santa Cruz to Isabela and back. Motion sickness pills were essential. Hacienda Conception was perfect for us, a great place for getting a first taste of the jungle. Everything from the din of the howler monkeys to tiny trails made by the leaf-cutter ants. Terrific sunsets over the Madre de Dios river. Be warned to keep all medications in airtight container. Humidity will disintegrate them. A note on “Amazon lodge” baggage. Although advised in the itinerary to do so, we did not leave our luggage in Puerto Maldonado, taking “only the essentials” to the lodge. They told us it was fine to take everything along, and we really liked having all our stuff with us at the Lodge.

Our Inca Trail guide, Milagros, was great, and made everything come off like clockwork. The Trail itself was harder than I expected, but I had been warned, and wanted to do it anyway, and we did make it. And I think it's good to have to do a little work to experience such a breathtaking place. A great trip. Thanks for all your work. 

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