Client Info: - Sean, Carol and Anthony (Hawaii)

Destination Name: Cuzco

Thank you so much! We couldn't have put a trip this amazing together without you! All in all, simply put, amazing. I'll send along some photos when I get the chance to sort through them. 4sd cards at 8-64gb full of pics and video.

I think, we would've been happier in a hostal with laundry service post-trek. It might just have been that el Mapi was a little too uber-hipster for us.

The guidance for tipping was a little vague and in retrospect I feel badly because I think some of the people got shorted. All of the drivers and pickup people were very professional and great.

Highlights: Abra Salkantay. We were very happy we took the Salkantay trek vice Inca trail due to the shear numbers of people and amazing array of micro-climates. Cuzco was amazing, especially being there for Inti Raymi. Wayki trek was rugged and engaged enough that I felt like we were with just a group of guys who didn't distance themselves from us simply because we were the gringo tourists. I would use Wayki trek for everything. I would've liked to have Alfredo and his group the entire time, and knowing what we know now we would've spent even more time in the mountains with them rather than going to Lima. The locals were great everywhere. I really made some lifelong friendships. That was the prime highlight for me.

Trip of a lifetime!

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